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Anybody working in IT has to have a basic awareness of utility computing. Amazon Web Service is a fantastic option in terms of marketability. The revenue of Amazon Web Service is hitting 62 billion USD which is a great amount. Since this platform can provide many chances for your growth, it is no surprise that its certification has a lot of value in the IT field.

If you’re a person who has a sound understanding of computing solutions like SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS then you should also get your hands on AWS cloud practitioner certification. Let’s have a detailed look at this field so you can know what you’re going after.

What is Amazon Web Service?

Amazon Web Services is a utility computing platform that offers Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This extensive toolkit aids businesses in removing on premise dependencies that demand high capital expenditures. If your company hasn’t already switched to a utility computing model, there must have been a lot of discussion about it.

Why Is This Certification Considered Good?

The Amazon Web Service certification can help you become a pro at utility computing which is now becoming a new networking definition. The course content that gets you ready for the exam has no prerequisites. Candidates coming from other IT disciplines find that it greatly facilitates the transfer. Especially if your current workplace is not using utility computing.

You can use the Amazon Web Service certification Guide for the complete list of certifications.

Why Should You Get Into Utility Computing?

The best approach to demonstrate a deep understanding of Amazon Web services is to obtain this certification. It enables you to more effectively communicate with nontechnical peers and utility computing professionals. This certification provides you with a solid foundation to enhance your utility computing expertise and equips you to delve into more technical elements of Amazon Web Services.

You will get three main benefits after becoming an Amazon Web Services expert:

  • Get a deep understanding of utility computing 
  • Get a high-paying job quickly 
  • Save more for a better future 

Obtaining this certification attests to your proficiency with Amazon Web Services. This goes beyond fundamental ideas to a thorough understanding of the use cases and value proposition of the platform. After earning this certification, you will be able to say that you’ve achieved the following:

  • Understanding of Amazon Web Services and concepts of utility computing 
  • Knowledge of the utility computing architectural principles 
  • Understanding of shared security concepts 
  • Understanding of the importance of key documents, including mandates, white papers, and change management
  • knowledge of pricing, billing, and account management
  • Understanding of deployment and operations within the platform 

Fast Track to a Better Paying Job:

This qualification is perfect for IT workers in transition and nontechnical support personnel, such as sales, purchasing, finance, and managerial colleagues. Six months of working in the Amazon Web Service utility computing environment are equivalent to studying for and passing the certification. It’s a terrific method to advance your career quickly with a credential that is right away useful.

The Price is Right:

The utility computing expert exam has a fee of between $100 and $150. This is a great deal even if you spend a few hundred dollars on online training programs. Consider it this way: Passing this exam is an excellent introduction to the more technical Architect subject if your ultimate aim is to become Amazon Web Service Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential. After all, you can earn thousands of dollars more after getting this certification.

You won’t start off as a certified utility computing worker making six figures. The extensive Amazon Web Service certification program, it’s merely one of the first certifications. However, It unlocks doors for a better career.  You can consider it as a stepping stone into a promising career.

Who Should Become A Utility Computing Expert?

This certificate is crucial for any IT worker already employed in an Amazon Web Service utility computing environment. Being a certified expert gives you an advantage over rivals with similar work experience whether you wish to advance in your current position or change jobs.

Do you still provide on-premises support for legacy solutions? You can move into a technical career in a relevant technology by earning this utility computing certification.

An Amazon Web Service degree is very advantageous for project managers, financial analysts, and HR specialists that engage with utility computing professionals. It can assist you in easily directing projects or budgets for these teams and also improve your talks with technical IT workers.

Starting with the Amazon Web Service certification is also beneficial for anyone who intends to pursue an associate or professional Developer, SysOps, Architect, or Specialty certification.

Also if you’re looking to improve your employment prospect then you can take advantage of this certification.

Jobs and Salaries:

Amazon Web Service associate, professional, and specialist certifications make up the majority of the income posts. The certification tests, however, are generally thought to be challenging. But once you have this certification you can even get a job as a project manager. Also, it will open doors to more technical jobs for you.

Here is a sample of the starting earnings you might expect after earning your certification. According to certification type, the average income for Amazon Web Service certified professionals is $113,932. Here’s a small list of salaries you can expect in different fields after getting this certification.

  • Associate developer: $112,984 
  • Associate solutions architect: $117,773
  • Professional solutions architect: $136,259
  • Associate SysOps administrator: $125,149
  • Professional DevOps engineer: $125,743

Final Thoughts:

The Amazon Web Service certification is a prerequisite for working with the Amazon Web Service platform, and every IT professional should obtain it. Both technical and nontechnical job hopefuls who want to break into utility computing or get an advantage should use it.

By proving your proficiency with the platform with this certification, you can build credibility within your current company. Additionally, it demonstrates to potential employers that you are a platform expert and deserving of the high pay associated with utility computing positions.